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Bellflower High School Alumni

BHS CLASS OF 1972 Challenges all other Classes. See ALUMNI NEWS for details;

See BHS NEWS page for special play to raise money for BHS in December

Bellflower High School Homecoming Friday, Oct 19, 2012

All Alumni Invited To Participate At 2012 Homecoming in October!!!

This year, BHS is really trying to amp up Homecoming and get as many alumni to attend AND participate as possible. The plan is to have the alumni perform a very simple "dance" at the assembly and then attend the game that night as well. Homecoming is on Friday, October 19th. The assembly would fall into the time block of about 8:30am to 11:00am and the game starts at 7pm. If you are interested in attending, please go to the Facebook event page that I created for this event and let me know what class you are from and if you will be able to attend both activities or just one or the other. I am trying to create an accurate list for the ASB students. If you want to participate in the assembly, the dance will be an "evolution of dance" kind of performance taking songs from all our different eras and popular dances. It will be so much fun and I have been promised that we can have the kids in front of us doing the dance if we need it. They will call just a couple of rehearsals leading up to Homecoming around the 4pm hour. If you want to participate in the assembly, but can't make any practices due to distance or work, I am going to propose that the dance be filmed and posted to a youtube link so people can learn at home. I will update the Facebook page with all the info, so it is extremely important that you join the event on Facebook to stay updated. We are so excited about this event. I posted this on Facebook just over a week ago and the response has been overwhelming!! The ASB students are so excited about the number of you that have already said you want to be a part. As of today (9/26/12) there are about 44 people that have said they are going! Let's show these kids today what TRUE school spirit is and that once a BUC...ALWAYS A BUC!!! Hope to see you ALL there! Here is the link to the Facebook page If you are not on Facebook, please feel free to email me at I am the official alumni coordinator of this event, I am also from class of '94 and have been teaching at BHS now for almost 9 years. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Alisha (Waltz) Medina

The New Marquee at Bellflower High School

When Bellflower High School construction began back in 1950 the community saw the development of a uniquely modern educational facility. Sprawling out over some 56 acres the high school became a point of pride for citizens of Bellflower. Today, with its pristinely maintained campus, manicured lawns, foliage and trees, combined with its ever increasing high standards of academic excellence, Bellflower High remains a point of pride in our community.

Alongside the continued increase in academic performance, the high school remains today, in appearance, a modern educational facility. Approximately six years ago, the current principal, Mr. Joe Perry established a goal to complement this image by adding a new marquee. Mr. Perry wanted the community and students to have a stronger sense of pride even before they entered the campus. With that in mind the task of bringing a new marquee to the main entrance to the campus became a goal.

Today that goal has become a reality with the addition of a new and up-to-date electronic, computerized marquee. It is important to note that this addition was not only to be unique in its appearance and function, but a frugal fiscal venture as well. In these times of extreme budgetary difficulties where most administrators are looking at what to cut, Mr. Perry had a goal to give us all a new point of pride at Bellflower High School, and to accomplish it all through donations to avoid spending a single penny of the district or school's funds. As a result donations from large corporations, local businesses, and most importantly, individual concerned citizens and alumni have resulted in the funding necessary to completely cover the cost of the new marquee.

This new marquee most assuredly demonstrates what can be done when the setting of goals is combined with the will and determination to achieve them. Principal Joe Perry stated, “Without a doubt the generosity of those who made this project possible through their generous donations stands as a shining example of the pride and dedication our community and our alumni have for Bellflower High School.”

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